Mobile Dent Repair in San Diego North County

Besides plastic bumper repair, I also offer repairs for molding strips, mirrors, rocker panels, door handles, body kits and many other plastic pieces. Additionally, I repair most minor body damage to all other areas of your car, truck, van or SUV. So, whether you have a dent in the hood, trunk, roof, fender, door or quarter panel, Color Solution’s North County San Diego mobile dent repair can restore your vehicle to new condition.

The procedure for repairing dents, especially ones that also have paint damage, is a bit more involved that if there is just a deep scratch. As a professional mobile dent repair technician, I am available to travel throughout San Diego County, including Encinitas and Carlsbad. All repairs are done at your home or office. Most repairs are completed in half, to three quarters of a day, and you can drive your car right after I’m finished. All I need is an outlet to plug into and the OK to spray paint. (Some neighborhoods or office parks have association restrictions due to overspray concerns. In such cases, other arrangements can be made.)

In some cases, a dent is too deep to fill with repair putty and the dent must be pulled or pushed back closer to its normal contour. Once this is achieved, a “skim coat” of repair putty is applied to the area. The putty is then sanded and this process is repeated until the natural shape of the panel is restored. Once this is achieved, spot putty is applied to fill in any pin holes and several coats of primer are applied. The area is then finish sanded, painted and clear coated. The result is an area that looks like new and is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.

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