Mobile Bumper Repair for Encinitas, Carlsbad, and all of San Diego County

So, you have a damaged plastic bumper. Perhaps it’s just a scuff or a scratch that you picked up in the parking lot or garage. Maybe it’s even dented, cracked or punctured. Since bumpers are typically composed of a plastic derivative, they lend themselves to being repaired instead of being replaced. As an experienced and trained mobile bumper repair technician, I can restore your bumper to new condition regardless of the type of damage. Most of what I do is bumper repair, so this is my bread and butter, and the job usually only takes half a day.

Color Solution’s mobile bumper repair method involves a uniform multi-step process that includes prepping, sanding, painting and clear coating the bumper. In most cases it is only necessary to re-paint the damaged area and not the entire bumper, saving you time and money. I apply multiple coats of paint and a minimum of two coats of clear coat to ensure a durable, long lasting finish.

So whether you live in Carlsbad, Encinitas or anywhere else in San Diego County, I can  work right in your driveway to make your bumper look like new. Oh, and we should mention that our work is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle!

Mobile Scratch Repair for San Diego

Many times vehicles have scratches that cannot be “buffed out” by a mobile detailer, but are not so deep that they require repainting. Scratch repair is a very tricky procedure that should only be attempted by a professional. Fortunately as an expert in scratch repair, I can eliminate many scratches quickly and for less cost than repainting.

There are many ways to determine if a scratch can be repaired versus repainted. However, if I told you all the trade secrets, I’d have to… well you understand. Making that final determination is difficult to make by photo, so no matter where you live in  San Diego County, give me a call and we can discuss the damage over the phone at no obligation. I will give you an estimate based off your description.

The process of repairing a scratch involves cleaning the surface, wet (color) sanding the area, buffing out the sand scratch marks and applying a final polish and glaze coat to seal the surface. Sounds pretty simple, right? Actually, this is a very tricky process and requires a significant amount of knowledge, training and experience to do correctly. Again, this process is very tricky and you can easily “burn” through the clear coat down into the paint. If this happens, the panel will need to be repainted and clear coated. Trust me, do not attempt this yourself. Call for a quote over the phone and from there, I can take care of everything.

Mobile Dent Repair in San Diego North County

Besides plastic bumper repair, I also offer repairs for molding strips, mirrors, rocker panels, door handles, body kits and many other plastic pieces. Additionally, I repair most minor body damage to all other areas of your car, truck, van or SUV. So, whether you have a dent in the hood, trunk, roof, fender, door or quarter panel, Color Solution’s North County San Diego mobile dent repair can restore your vehicle to new condition.

The procedure for repairing dents, especially ones that also have paint damage, is a bit more involved that if there is just a deep scratch. As a professional mobile dent repair technician, I am available to travel throughout San Diego County, including Encinitas and Carlsbad. All repairs are done at your home or office. Most repairs are completed in half, to three quarters of a day, and you can drive your car right after I’m finished. All I need is an outlet to plug into and the OK to spray paint. (Some neighborhoods or office parks have association restrictions due to overspray concerns. In such cases, other arrangements can be made.)

In some cases, a dent is too deep to fill with repair putty and the dent must be pulled or pushed back closer to its normal contour. Once this is achieved, a “skim coat” of repair putty is applied to the area. The putty is then sanded and this process is repeated until the natural shape of the panel is restored. Once this is achieved, spot putty is applied to fill in any pin holes and several coats of primer are applied. The area is then finish sanded, painted and clear coated. The result is an area that looks like new and is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.

Touch Up Paint for Autos in Coastal North County

Want to fix those pesky rock chips on the front bumper or the hood? Over time, all vehicles will get them. What about the edge of the doors? That, as well as scratches and door dings, all accumulate to add to the general wear and tear of the vehicle. This wear and tear diminishes beauty and reduces the value of the car.

Utilizing Color Solution’s professional brush touch up services can be an ideal, low cost solution to repainting the car. Brush touch up will not make the chips go away, but as an experienced technician, I can do an excellent job at going around the whole car and touching up and sealing all areas so that it takes the edge off the vehicle and makes the wear and tear almost unnoticeable.

Color Solutions offers a step-by-step process that ensures the chips have a correct seal against the elements. First, I begin by prepping the areas needing attention. Second, in my leveling process I use a filling agent to fill in the chip to almost level condition. Next, paint is custom matched to the original factory paint color and applied to the chip. Then, I apply clear coat on top of the paint to seal the chip. The last step is wet sanding and buffing the clear coat so that the level of the chip matches the level of the surrounding paint. This is a very difficult process that requires a technician experienced in wet sanding to do correctly.

Regardless of your vehicle’s paint color, I can match it. For untrained people this can be a tricky task, especially when you are dealing with pearl or metallic flakes. So, give me a call today for a no obligation quote over the phone.