Touch Up Paint for Autos in Coastal North County

Want to fix those pesky rock chips on the front bumper or the hood? Over time, all vehicles will get them. What about the edge of the doors? That, as well as scratches and door dings, all accumulate to add to the general wear and tear of the vehicle. This wear and tear diminishes beauty and reduces the value of the car.

Utilizing Color Solution’s professional brush touch up services can be an ideal, low cost solution to repainting the car. Brush touch up will not make the chips go away, but as an experienced technician, I can do an excellent job at going around the whole car and touching up and sealing all areas so that it takes the edge off the vehicle and makes the wear and tear almost unnoticeable.

Color Solutions offers a step-by-step process that ensures the chips have a correct seal against the elements. First, I begin by prepping the areas needing attention. Second, in my leveling process I use a filling agent to fill in the chip to almost level condition. Next, paint is custom matched to the original factory paint color and applied to the chip. Then, I apply clear coat on top of the paint to seal the chip. The last step is wet sanding and buffing the clear coat so that the level of the chip matches the level of the surrounding paint. This is a very difficult process that requires a technician experienced in wet sanding to do correctly.

Regardless of your vehicle’s paint color, I can match it. For untrained people this can be a tricky task, especially when you are dealing with pearl or metallic flakes. So, give me a call today for a no obligation quote over the phone.

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