Mobile Scratch Repair for San Diego

Many times vehicles have scratches that cannot be “buffed out” by a mobile detailer, but are not so deep that they require repainting. Scratch repair is a very tricky procedure that should only be attempted by a professional. Fortunately as an expert in scratch repair, I can eliminate many scratches quickly and for less cost than repainting.

There are many ways to determine if a scratch can be repaired versus repainted. However, if I told you all the trade secrets, I’d have to… well you understand. Making that final determination is difficult to make by photo, so no matter where you live in  San Diego County, give me a call and we can discuss the damage over the phone at no obligation. I will give you an estimate based off your description.

The process of repairing a scratch involves cleaning the surface, wet (color) sanding the area, buffing out the sand scratch marks and applying a final polish and glaze coat to seal the surface. Sounds pretty simple, right? Actually, this is a very tricky process and requires a significant amount of knowledge, training and experience to do correctly. Again, this process is very tricky and you can easily “burn” through the clear coat down into the paint. If this happens, the panel will need to be repainted and clear coated. Trust me, do not attempt this yourself. Call for a quote over the phone and from there, I can take care of everything.

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